How To Choose A Good Tent

There are different makes and models of tents. The size of the tent is determined or described by the number of people of people it can accommodate when full. Small tents can only accommodate a few people.

Types of fabrics used in making tents

Unlike with the traditional tents which were made using canvas, the modern ones are made from fabrics.

Canvas tents

These are tents made usingtents cotton. It is used in making tents of high quality. However, these tents are rare in the modern days. These tents have a high weight as compared to the modern ones made from fabrics. Tents made from cotton have a wonderful smell. Cotton has a natural breath. Additionally, these tents are not susceptible to condensation which is a common problem with the modern tents.


Canvas tents coated with PVC

There are some canvas tents which are coated with PVC to make them waterproof and strong. However, these tents have an added weight and are more prone to condensation. There is a tendency of water vapour condensing on the fabrics made using plastic material.

Polycotton canvas tents

These are tents produced when cotton is blended using plaster. These tents are light in weight. Special treatment should be done on these tents to make them water resistant.


Nylon is the simplest and the cheapest tent material. Nylon cannot absorb water. It is fabric there lighter than any other materials used in tent making. Nylon can be attacked by strong sun’s radiations and ultra violet light. These radiations contribute to the shortening of their lifespan. However, this effect can be reduced significantly by use of special filter coatings which are very light.

Factors considered when choosing a tent

Shape of the tent

There are four basic shapes of tents: umbrella, dome, A-frame, and wall shaped. The commA-frame tenton shape of tents is the A-frame. The umbrella shaped tent is small in size, and it is mainly designed for family use. You should also consider the shape of the floor. Tents having square floors are considered to be more efficient. They will give you an easy time when you are laying your gear and sleeping arrangements. The dome tents are mainly designed with hexagonal floors which are suitable for gear storage.

Size of the tent

You should determine the number of people whom you shall be travelling with and how you intend to use the tent. There are some tents which are designed for two, four, or six people. There are also some which can accommodate more than six people. This will help you in obtaining a tent which has a realistic capacity.

Post Author: Gladys Rutledge