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Frozen Dog Treats for Summer

Your dogs missed something! Since they are like ice cream treats, they recommended the summer: they are more expensive and less healthy than private brands! Egg cartons and paper cups, which are disposable, can mold homemade frozen treats. After hanging them up, the fruits dogs can eat were put in the microwave for a few seconds to melt. If you have bones style molds are easy to obtain if you want to be more elaborate. Mixer and blender can be used for ingredients to mix thoroughly—an ice cube or paper cups to make suitable molds.

Treats Recipe

When using oats, you can get many approaches to modify the recipe. They are limited only by your imagination. Their consistency is less meaningful than when experimentation with the goods remains suspended. Lemon, vanilla, and fruits a jar of baby food is more or less the same as a banana. So use the baby food of your choice instead of the banana. My dogs love food instead of bananas, peanut butter, and honey, use four or four cups of beef of your choice.


Yogurt Puree

I occasionally use raw eggs, rich in vitamin B, biotin. The raw egg yolk, which the egg still versetzen and are a source of vitamins. Do not feed fresh egg whites, as this practice can cause a nutrient deficiency over time—yogurt puree with beef or poultry liver. Do you realize the idea you are limited only by your imagination!

Chicken Broth Popsicle

brothFor dogs that are on a diet, you can use chicken broth as a base instead of yogurt. Otherwise, you can’t put milk with it; this is not difficult to achieve. Pour the chicken broth and cover it with water to which you have added carrots, garlic, and sodium broth.

On this day, remove the fat, what is the base? You can use chicken broth to make as your base. The soup makes a popsicle, but you add fish, meat, baby food, beans, or cubes and occasionally hide a cure through the broth as soon as I use it. Mix them with the amount of chicken stock, add the pan and freeze them too my dogs love it. There are pricey frozen treats in the market, but it is healthy food treats. You can make homemade ice cream treats for your dogs, which is not expensive, and you are sure that it is healthy treats.…