Understanding Online LLC Incorporation

Online incorporation services advertise easy, fast, and convenient limited liability company (LLC) formation services. Examples include LegalZoom.com, MyCorporation.com, and IncorporateTime.com. According to this review, electronic Law firms like We the People, which are located in Craigslist’s regional service area, offer similar LLC services. This report looks at the pros and cons of the services as a whole. So, you’ll have to look elsewhere for specific reviews of a particular provider.

Legal Advice

lawIn the fine print, many Record Prep providers say they are not law firms, cannot offer legal advice, and recommend consulting an attorney for legal advice. And also,”[Our Record Prep Support] is not a substitute for an attorney or law firm” Only accredited attorneys can practice law enforcement and provide legal advice to clients, so these companies are wise to protect themselves by making it very clear that they are not in the business of providing legal advice. An excellent business lawyer will also help you follow up on the launch of your business or LLC. Having looked at several incorporation service providers, usually a year or more after problems have arisen.

But, often cases in the category of agreements to sell the organization or part of it to a new shareholder, partner, or associate, I have yet to find a company that has set up properly. I’m willing to assume similarly for home expansion businesses where the owner didn’t pick anyone and arranged it themselves. Usually, the Articles of Incorporation (as in LLCs, the corporate stuff) is ready and filed decently, if not optimally, as well as the Articles of Incorporation or Employment Agreement is also in place. 

Cost Savings

The main advantage of incorporation service providers is the cost savings; they cost less than lawyers. So, be sure to check the cost of a detailed package when comparing different vendors and compare it to a law firm’s rates. Some vendors I’ve noticed on craigslist.org offer prices so low that they don’t even take into account the minimum number of fees you need to incur to properly engage a vendor. In many situations, but not all, law firms that offer fixed fee incorporations have no hidden fees.

Connecting with Lawyers

lawyerIt can be wise to build a relationship through incorporation now and set yourself up for possible growth and fulfillment, rather than waiting until a legal crisis occurs only to discover that you don’t know any attorneys or the attorney you hire discovers that there are some assets you have previously received to stop current penalties, fees, problems, and disputes. The simple fact that these problems don’t show up until weeks or years after incorporation (especially if you haven’t hired professionals like lawyers and accountants and therefore need to re-evaluate the firm and identify problems) indicates that many customers of incorporation providers are originally very content with the aid they received.


Incorporation providers are sometimes referred to as incorporation production facilities. By their nature, they are in a volume business; they may not charge low prices and offer personal attention or support. They usually make their profits by selling a non-customized or customized product over and over again to as many customers as possible.


In summary, comparing startup providers to an in-house lawyer is a fair comparison. One option offers more price and service, another offers less and costs less. You tend to do things right if you choose one of the two options rather than if you decide and go it alone. The incorporation service merely implements your instructions, no advice, no help, no legal review of your situation or legal requirements. If your instructions do not match what is excellent for your situation, your outcome is likely to be optimal.

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